1. What size motor do i need?

This depends on the size of your kitchen e.g.

Length x Width x Height = Cubic metres

Cubic metres x 10 = Cubic metres per hour

2. Can the hood recirculate the air?

Yes. All Airuno hoods have the option to be re-circulating but you will need to use charcoal filters as these help to absorb the odours.

3. What size ducting should be used?

We recommend using no less than 150mm diameter or 220x90mm rectangular – less than this will lead to loss of power of the extraction.

4. What height should the cooker hood be installed above the hob?

See individual product details.

5. Which model of hood can be used with an external motor?

Our full range of motors including our external motor are compatible with every Airuno extractor.

6. How far can the remote and external motors be positioned from the cooker hood?

All Airuno motors i.e. AMR, AMF and AME come with a 10 metre long cable.

7. Can a gas hob be used with a downdraft?

Only the Elektra, Parsifal and Zaira downdraft models can be used with a gas hob?

8. How long is the warranty?

Our warranty is for 4 years and covers all parts and labour.

09. Where can you purchase an Airuno cooker hood?

You can purchase from one of our recommended dealers which are listed on our dealers page.

10. What is the delivery time?

We deliver within 2-3 working days.

11. Motors – Can inline motors be installed outside?

No. The only motor that should be installed outside is our AME12 external Motor.

12. Questions about the Chopin and Bach

How far away should the Chopin/Bach extractors be from the hob.
No gap must be left.

What are the carbon pellets for?
Carbon pellets are for use with a recirculation kit.

Can you use the recirculation kit with the silent kit?
Yes you can use both together, but the recirculation kit takes up a lot of space, so place the motor which is approximately 150mm high under the plinth.

Where do you put the ducting for the Chopin?
You connect the ducting to the underside of the Chopin, and then connect it to the top of the plinth motor using a converter kit, and from there to the outside.

13. Questions about the Downdraft

Where do you attach the ducting to the attached motor?
You attach the ducting on the top or the bottom of the motor.

What ducting do you use if you duct straight from the extractor?
We recommend using the Compair® ducting.

14.Questions about the Otello

Which motor is included in the price of the Otello?
The H850 motor is included in the price.

What is the difference between the hood with motor and without motor?
The hood without the motor needs a remote or external motor.


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